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Dynamic processes associated with natural numbers.

in which we create a family of first-order-arithmetic interpretations where natural numbers are in association with time states. This allows to construct dynamic processes in such a way that an acceleration characterizes at least one arithmetic statement (for example, the Goldbach Conjecture), a characterization which is lost in an instant of time, obtaining a temporal singularity. That is, time adds relevant information to Arithmetic.

I have sometimes thought that the profound mystery which envelops our conceptions relative to prime numbers depends upon the limitations of our faculties in regard to time, which like space may be in essence poly-dimensional and that this and other such sort of truths would become self-evident to a being whose mode of perception is according to «superficially» as opposed to our own limitation to «linearly» extended time.J.J. Sylvester
On certain inequalities relating to prime numbers, Nature 38 (1888), pp. 259-262, and reproduced in Collected Mathematical Papers, Volume 4, p. 600, Chelsea, New York, (1973).
There is at least one adequate symbolism to represent the usual structure $ \left(\mathbb{N},+,\times\right) $ (for example, the decimal system) capable of generating by itself another adequate one with more arithmetic information than the original one, specifically about primality.
Fernando Revilla
Time and symbolism: two hidden faces of the prime numbers, and Goldbach Conjecture and Peano Arithmetic by Fernando Revilla, Transcripts of the First International Congress of Applied Mathematics (Theoretical foundations of applied mathematics), Madrid, 2007, ref. 702, pp. 451-454. ISBN 978-84-7493-381-9.
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